Top Tables: Round 4

26.10.2013 | 19:15 |

We’re half way through day one here at YCS London and the spread is starting to take form. Let’s take a look at what Decks are on the top tables as we work towards the middle of the tournament.


The top tables is where every Duelist wants to be this weekend!

The top tables is where every Duelist wants to be this weekend!

[b]Table 1[/b] sees Paul Schuffenecker and his Spellbooks taking on Zdravko Kaishev and his Evilswarms.

[b]Table 2[/b] has Dominik Mitolo’s Dragon Rulers pitted against Matthew Thomson’s ChainBurn.

[b]Table 3[/b] is home to Kristoffer Nielsen and his Dragon Rulers against Ashley Bradbury with Evilswarm.

[b]On Table 4[/b] we have Jack Igo’s Dragunity Dragons taking on August Kauffmann’s Dragon Rulers.

Kenny Mansfield is trying to overcome Mathys Giltjes’ Mermails with his [bewd] Rulers on [b]Table 5[/b].

Dragon Rulers take on Machina Geargia on [b]Table 6[/b] as Tom Viergutz takes on Dave Relph.

[b]Table 7[/b] sees former UK National Champion Andrew Lam use his patented Anti-Meta Deck to take on Sebastian Lemke and his Mermails.

[b]Table 8[/b] is Fire Fists against Dragon Rulers as Thomas Mercadante and Francesco Bellantone go head to head.

[b]Table 9[/b] has a Dragon Ruler mirror match as Andrea Scaccia and Kevin Zuger duke it out.

[b]On Table 10[/b] we have Rocco Tamburlini and his Dragon Rulers facing off against Benedikt Davis’ Spellbooks.

We’re starting to get a feel for the Decks that are taking over here at YCS London – check back in a few rounds time to see what’s still at the top tables and what’s fallen off the radar!