Top Tables Round 6

29.10.2016 | 18:15 |

Day 1 is almost in the books. 24 players are still undefeated. Here is brief overview of the top tables of YCS Liverpool!


Table 2
Table 2 is actually the highest ranked table at the moment as Table 1 has a fixed seating. We see Niccolo Mazzoleni with a Hero build against the ABC Deck of Friedrich Bauermeister from Germany.


Table 3
Dave Grabert is making a strong showing yet again. He’s playing ABC and has to beat the Majespector Deck of Alex Titcombe.


Table 4
At table 4 there is World Championship competitor Carmelo Buttiglieri. He’s still sticking to his PKBA Deck. He’s facing his German companion Dennis Brechmann.


Table 5
The highest placed Mermail Deck is piloted by Alexander Hultzsch, also from Germany. His opponent is Richard Kean with PKBA.


Table 6
Another Mermail Deck is at table 6. Callum Hinchcliffe is also running the Deck. He has to overcome Conor Zhou in order to stay undefeated.


Table 7
We see an all italian match at table 7: Marcello Barberi and Andrea Zanotti are both playing ABC. Who will prevail?


Table 9
Another ABC Mirror Match at table 9: Niklas Zache vs. Samuele Soddu.


Table 11
Finally a very interesting Deck at table 11: Dale Hawkes is still undefeated with his Ritual Deck. His opponent is none other than Omer Mannan who already won a Feature Match today.