Top Tables: Round 8

In the penultimate round of the Swiss portion of the competition we are starting to get a better idea of which Decks are going to prevail and go on to be in the top cut of the tournament. I’ve had a quick scour of the top tables in this round and have detailed the findings below for your analytical pleasure.

As expected Geargia seems to be the archetype of choice with many of the top 20 tables seen with [ggx] on the field. The ability to keep recycling Monsters that allow you to make multiple strong [xyz]s means you can take control of the game with a heavy Trap lineup and keep your opponent from swinging momentum back in their favour.

Another strong competitor is the HAT Deck. While walking the tables it’s not uncommon to find some Artifacts sitting face-down waiting to be destroyed in the opponent’s turn for some crazy advantage. In the Geargia vs HAT matchups that I have watched it seems like HAT is just about coming out on top. The large number of Geargia mirror matches means many Duelists will end up knocking each other out and lowering the number going in to the later rounds.

Bujin seems absent but a Mermail mirror match was taking place on table 12 while a few other players were [ss]ing Water Monsters from their hand at a couple of tables further up.

Rogue Decks will always have a chance of putting in a strong showing and today is no different. We saw Luca Chetoni’s [hop] Deck earlier on the Live Stream and he is continuing to beat opponent’s down with his Fairy-based Deck. One of the pictures below shows his final field as he beat Raphael Duriez on table 9 with [kristya] forming a large part of the winning strategy.

Last but not least I can’t fail to mention Spellbooks. One or two of the higher tables still have people relying on the Spell-heavy Deck. It’s interesting to see the mix at this point and I’ll come back and review what’s at the top tables in the penultimate or final round tomorrow to update you all on what has continued to win out!

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