Top Tables Update Round 10

19.03.2017 | 10:39 |

Day 2 of YCS Prague is coming to an end. This is the second to last Swiss round before we start the Knock-Out portion of the event. Here are the top tables of round 10. Check out the currently highest placed Duelists of YCS Prague.

TT Rd 10 10
At table 1 Dominic Nivens is up against Fabio Zuccato. Dominic is piloting Paleozoics and Fabio brought Infernoid to Prague.


TT Rd 10 12
Themis Gkyzis is making a strong showing again with his Paleozoic Deck. His opponent is Paolo Pacchiana who seems to be under a lot of pressure.


TT Rd 10 13
Jackie Bernal travelled all the way from the US to play in YCS Prague. She’s on table 4 running a 60 card Infernoid Deck. Her opponent is Simone Falanga, a YCS regular from Italy.


TT Rd 10 14
It’s Infernoid vs. Zoo at table 6. Robin Vogel from Germany is up against Francesco Basile from Italy.


TT Rd 10 15
Table 7 is hosting Samir Bacher, the reigning European Champion. He is successfully running a Wind Witch Deck. He’s facing Alberto Marazzi, another Italian Duelist, who’s running a 60 card Deck.


TT Rd 10 16
Oskar Josefsson is facing Matteo Bertulezzi at table 8. Looks like a rather unconventional Duel as there is no XYZ monster on the field. In case you are wondering why Oskar has two different sleeves on the field, he stole the Speedroid Terrortop with Lullaby of Obedience.


TT Rd 10 17
We witness a 60 card mirror match on table 9 between Michael Broadbent and Jordan Gallacher.


TT Rd 10 18
Lorenzo Roma still keeping it up with his big Paleozoic Deck. He’s up against Jonas Koschel who’s the highest ranked Metalfoe player right now.