Top Tables Update Round 11

23.02.2020 | 9:46 |
We are almost done with Swiss Rounds. But before we start into Top 64, we would like to show you the top tables of Round 11. Table 1: Jack Verma (Dino Mekk-Knight) vs. Elyas Mirzazadeh (Altergeist) Table 2: Bart Ladru (Invoked Shaddoll) vs. An Qi Xi (SPYRAL) Table 3: Callum Hinchcliffe (Dino) vs. Matteo Mordanini (SPYRAL) Table 4: Anestis Xanidis (SPYRAL) vs. Rusty Adler (Utopia Rank-Up) Table 5: Oliver Newton (Altergeist) vs. Ryhan Jabri (Salamangreat) Table 6: Müheymin Bayram (Salamangreat) vs. Johannes Wagner (Gren Maju) Table 7: Florian Gönner (Rokket) vs. Zoe Weber (SPYRAL) Table 8: Eteeyen Ita (Altergeist) vs. Emanuele Berthoud (Subterror) Table 9: Cite Mielle Loan (Subterror) vs. Niklas Peter Wand (Altergeist) Table 10: Joschua Schmidt (Invoked Shaddoll) vs. Alen Kazalac (Lunalight)