Top Tables Update Round 3

Even though we are still early in Day 1 of YCS Bochum we wanted to give an impression of what is going on at the top tables. Which decks are hot? Go check it out!

Table 1[abstand]
Lukas Windel – the National Champion of Austria – is facing Ahmet Turgay from Germany. Whereas Lukas is running Paleozoics, Ahmet is putting his money on a fan favorite deck: Phantom Knight Burning Abyss.

[abstand]Table 2[adstand]
At table 2 we have UK’s Jake Quinsee running Paleozoics. His opponent is Jonas Spreng with a Metalfoes deck. Which deck will prevail? Are we alreay witnessing the two best decks of the format?

[abstand]Table 3
Alexander Gadalla is playing Metalfoes Yang Zing, doing what the deck is supposed to do: build a huge field and pass. His opponent is Stefan Frankowski with ABC. Will he be able to break this field?

[abstand]TT RD3 10
The highest ranked Mermails deck is currently piloted by Kamil Rycko. He’s facing Stefan Friedow running Phantom Knight Burning Abyss. Watching this game feels like a blast from the past.

[abstand]TT RD3 11
At table 5 we spotted a big surprise: Steffen Friedow is still undefeated with his burn deck.This Round he has to overcome Gillian Van Sande and his Blue Eyes deck to keep a perfect record. It’s not looking too good at the moment!

[abstand]TT RD3 7
The second best Blue-Eyes deck is currently at table 6. Alexander Siebert is facing Patrick Hoffmann’s Paleozoic deck. This is a tough one!

[abstand]TT RD3 8
An all German match at table 7: Sebastian Betz is the highest placed Darklord Duelist. His opponent is none other than Robin Wetzel relying on Paleozoics.

[abstand]TT RD3 9
Metalfoes at table 8 again: this time Giuliano Di Benedetto is running the deck. On the other side of the table Paleozoics are putting in work for Steffen Eichelberger.

[abstand]Table 9
Last but not least we found the highest ranked Lightsworn deck at table 9. Joseph Code is piloting the most expensive deck by far. Marvin Heidkamp took a more conservative approach and brought a Mermails deck to the table.

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