Top Tables Update Round 6

27.10.2018 | 18:38 |

We are almost through Day 1 of YCS London 2018. Round 6 is up and running and we can already see which Decks are doing good at London. We decided to take a look at the top 10 tables and here’s what Duelists are playing.

Table 1: Shadi Issa (Paleo) vs. Benjamin Robinson (Sky Striker Gouki)
Table 2: Siemen Kiebooms (Dinosaurs) vs. Ahmed Mustafa (Thunder Dragon)
Table 3: Tim Cox (Danger! BA) vs. Ryhan Jabri (Thunder Dragon)
Table 4: Nils Nowatzky (Sky Striker) vs. Spartak Metodiev (Thunder Dragon)
Table 5: Mirko Zanelli (Sky Striker) vs. Tobias Sommerfeld (Sky Striker)
Table 6: Kevin Haist (Pendulum) vs. Nick Burgess (Gouki)
Table 7: Raphael Neven (Danger! Dark World) vs. Alex Moffatt (Thunder Dragon)
Table 8: Donovan Beriot (Sky Striker) vs. Adam Stanex (Gem-Knight)
Table 9: Niklas Krebs (Danger! BA) vs. Isaac Bachl (Sky Striker)
Table 10: Sven Rebmann (Sky Striker) vs. Joshua Bond (Thunder Dragon)