Top Tables Update Round 6

22.02.2020 | 17:41 |

Day 1 of YCS Utrecht 2020 is up and running. We are deep into Day 1 and here is a look at the top 10 tables. Check out the names and the decks of the top 20 Duelists in Round 6. All of them had a perfect record heading into Round 6, only half of them will remain undefeated.

Table 1: Matthew Chen (SPYRAL) vs. Eike Ruting (Hero)
Table 2: Zahab Shah (SPYRAL) vs. Brandon Boulhalib (Salamangreat)
Table 3: Massimiliano Santoro (Altergeist) vs. Julien Langlin (Dino)
Table 4: Callum Hinchcliffe (Dino) vs. Ryhan Jabri (Salamangreat)
Table 5: Jean Lou Bernard (Salamangreat) vs. Niels Vossen (Salamangreat)
Table 6: Federico Pastore (Shaddoll Invoked) vs. Pascal Habig (Dino)
Table 7: Christophe Talasciore (Altergeist) vs. Mahdi Rahim (Dino)
Table 8: Joseph Ray (Invoked Mekk-Knights) vs. Julian Schwarzkopf (Salamangreat)
Table 10: Rusty Adler (Utopia Kaiser Lunalight) vs. Jack Verma (Dino Mekk-Knight)