Top Tables Update Round 9

09.12.2018 | 9:35 |
Day 2 of YCS Milan is up and running. In order to keep you update what top Duelists in Milan are playing here is a brief overview of the top tables.


YCS, Milan 2018


Table 1: Errikos Bek (Sky Striker) vs. Simon He (Sky Striker) Table 2: Florian Coste (Trickstar) vs. Jack Verma (Altergeist) Table 3: Joschua Schmidt (Danger!) vs. Luca Giulio Benuzzi (Sky Striker) Table 4: Federico Pastore (Thunder Dragon) vs. Darren Stephenson (Altergeist) Table 5: Stefano Corno (Sky Striker) vs. Sebastian Bummers (Sky Striker) Table 6: Mario Belotti (Pendulum) vs. Federico Mecozzi (Thunder Dragon) Table 7: Dale Hawkes (Trickstar) vs. Stephanos Fostieris (Sky Striker)