Top Tables Update: Round 9

27.10.2019 | 9:38 |
Day 2 of YCS London has started. Round 9 is up and running. The top 452 Duelists are allowed to play on in the Main Event. Here is a brief overview of what's going on at the top tables. Table 1: Emidio Granito (Danger! Orcust) vs. Ilias Rodios (Sky Striker) Table 2: Pascal Kihm (Sky Striker) vs. Giannis Petrou (Orcust) Table 3: Pietro Canal (Salamangreat) vs. Fernando Castejon (Thunder Dragon) Table 4: Jonas Koschel (Danger! Orcust) vs. Alexandre Xu (Salamangreat) Table 5: Anestis Xanidis (Lunalight Orcust) vs. Daniel Bendtsen (Pendulum) Table 6: Le Lin (Sky Striker) vs. Luka Forjan (Lunalight Orcust) Table 7: Martin Dermon (Salamangreat) vs. Philip Wilming (Salamangreat) Table 8: Adrian Dursun (Orcust) vs. Brice Dodeller (Salamangreat) Table 9: Enzo Duval (Danger! Great Maju) vs. Tom Kleinegräber (Infernoid) Table 10: Giovanni Lemma (Sky Striker) vs. Luke Coogan (Orcust)