Top Tech Picks for YCS London

As we have an established Metagame right now Tech Cards might be crucial to make the difference weather your are winning or losing. Let’s take a look at a few cards that might give you the edge.


A popular Tech Pick I noticed for YCS London seems to be [wiretap]. Players are using it over [trap stun] simply because it’s able to stop an opponent’s [trap stun] and force your own plays through. Since it’s a Counter Trap Card it can only be stopped by an opposing [wiretap].

Another card I noticed an increase in play lately is [vanity] and [m fiend]. At first only Frog Monarch was playing these cards. Now i see them splashed in Burning Abyss as well as Shaddoll. A timely [m fiend] can steal games.[abstand]
Majesty's Fiend[abstand]

[whipsnake] seemed to work pretty good for Luke Quinsee and his Satellarknight build. His record is 6:0 so far. I asked him why and he explained to me:
[quote] [whipsnake] helps me beat strong Monsters with low defence since it allows me to change a monsters stats once per turn – even in my opponents turn. So I can easily run over a [shd winda], [downerd] or a [dante]. I even added [kotfi] into my Extra Decck to search it whenever I need it. In the late game I can also use [whipsnake]’s effect and overlay into [103] to gain a plus as they are both quick effects and can be used either players turn.[/quote][abstand]


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