Top Tech Picks for YCS London

26.10.2013 | 11:00 |

Let me define the phase ‘tech card’ for you. Better yet, let me tell you what it’s not: “I’m playing a [ced] over a [bth] because it’s better against my bad matchups” is not tech. When you spend four hours searching through old commons in a shoe box and read something that has the potential to destroy the meta; when you have that “I AM INVINCIBLE!” moment – [i]that[/i] is tech.

Every event brings us something new and innovative that breaks the mould and ends up working incredibly well against the popular Decks out there. Sometimes there’s something new that comes about to support the heavily-played Decks that nobody had thought of before. Here’s a couple of cards you’ll see this weekend – you’ll notice most of them will either work for or against the most expected Deck of the weekend – Dragon Rulers.

Mystical Refpanel

Usually Side-Decked against Dragunity Dragons, this is the blowout card to end all blowouts. If resolved successfully against either [coc] or [7ss] then the opponent is left with two cards less than they started with, and the Trap Card-wielding Duelists get to draw two! There are, of course, other targets for Refpanel to hit – but you can pretty much guarantee most will be holding out for that big play against the draw cards.


Another new discovery is that of [trigon], now replacing [trooper] in many straight up Dragon Ruler Decks. Trigon is useful in a multitude of ways – the most prominent is that you can put it in the Graveyard much faster than any other card. [ravine] allows you to dump it straight away, and [blaster] allows you to add it to hand if he’s Banished. Being a Level 3 monster, you can then bring it back with [debris] and [synch] [afd] without too much hassle.

Divine Wrath

Currently being used in some Dragon Ruler players Side Decks, [wrath] is providing an out to a lot of rogue Decks out there. Discarding is never really a huge problem in the Deck as it can bring back most of the cards that get discarded, and it rids problem cards such as [ophion] and [con ple] without fear of rebuttal.


Metaion, the Timelord

Used previously in rogue Decks such as Chain Burn; [metaion] is now making his appearance in Side Decks everywhere. A one-stop shop to clearing an opponent’s field, Metaion provides an out to some very sticky situations. In times like these the ability to take a field of [sack], tokens, [11] and more otherwise-unbreakable Monsters off the field is invaluable. Expect to see him in games two and three against Dragon Ruler and Evilswarm Decks!