Top Tech picks for YCS Milan

In a Metagame like this where there are three rivalling decks a good Tech Card might give you the edge over your opponent. The more unexpected the card is the better for you. Let’s have a look at what players came up with.[abstand]

A very popular Main Deck pick in Shaddolls was [denko], a LIGHT monster functioning as another target for [shd construct]. It’s effect locks down the opponents backrow so the Shaddoll player can push through his play without having to fear any interruptions. The card proved to be especially good against Burning Abyss, and also shuts down the ever so popular [skill drain] in Qliphorts.

Another tech pick I noticed today was [night beam]. It’s already a popular Main Deck pick to destroy all those chainable traps Burning Abyss plays, therefore partially replacing [mst] as a Spell/Trap removal option.[abstand]

Night Beam[abstand]

Surprisingly I also saw some people play [ojama trio] in the Side Deck to stop Burning Abyss, the self destruction effects of the Burning Abyss monsters making it a tricky side Deck choice. Since the Tokens cannot be Tributed they are hard to get rid of as well.[abstand]

Ojama Trio[abstand]

[b]Maxx “C”[/b] was popular Main Deck pick against Burning Abyss as well. After the card has disappeared almost completely form the competitive scene at YCS London, players started to maindeck at least one copy to slow down Burning Abyss. It’s also a decent 1:1 trade against Shadolls.

It seems like all those Tech Cards are geared towards slowing or even shutting down Burning Abyss since it’s the deck to beat at the moment, try a few of them out if you need to get the edge at your local tournaments!

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