Team Twisted Fates: An Introduction

26.08.2017 | 15:47 |
When browsing through the crowd we spotted some guys wearing interesting team shirt. They introduced themselves as a team from Rome and we decided to present them to you readers as well. We sat down with all of them in attendance today and spoke to them about their success, their goals and their locals.


Team Twisted Fates


Please introduce yourselves!
Hi, we are Twisted Fates, a Yu-Gi-Oh! team situated in Rome, Italy and two of our members are from Sicily. That might sound far away, but both like to travel a lot. We have a local shop in Rome, where me meet and play on a regular basis. Currently, we have seven members and are planning on adding two more players to our roster. Both of them are on a try-out status.
How do you choose your members?
What matters most is to us is sympathy and friendship. We are like a big family and most of us know each other for quite a while. We don’t expect you to be the best player, but we expect you to be willing to learn and improve. We are currently working on our international reputation. Up till now we only were successful on a national Level. Being part of our team also means being friends with each other.
Tell us a bit about your locals.
We usually meet at our local store in Rome called Galactus. It’s a Comic Shop, that is also selling Trading Cards and hosting tournaments. It’s a rather small store, but we feel very comfortable there. We have about 10 players at our locals, when there is a bigger event like a Regional we have 25 – 30 Duelists. We are thankful that it offers the chance for us meet and playtest. We wouldn’T be where we are right now without the shop.
What was your biggest success?
Our first big success was in 2015 when Ecleto Mucciacciuoli made it into Top 64 of the Italian Nationals. We were very proud and it showed us that our effort finally start to pay off. In 2016 Ludovico Chiocchio repeated this result and also made it to Top 64. Our biggest success was this year’s Italian National Championship. Two of our players made it into Top 8: Matteo Pelloni and Filippo Cavallo. This success gave us a big push in self-confidence and reputation. That’s what we are currently working on: to improve out international reputation.
How do players benefit from being on this team?
We meet and playtest and build Decks and learn a lot from each other. We want to learn from each other and improve our game. We hope to improve our game and be successful at international events as well.
Do you have any final words?
We want to say thank you to our friends and our local shop Galactus in Rome.