Two special Public Event victories go to Spain!

24.02.2013 | 16:22 |

In addition to the standard Public Events here in Bochum we had a few events with a bit of a twist as well, speificially a Draft-based Battle Pack event and a feamale-only WCQ regional. The results of both are in and 2 well-known Spanish Duelists took home the prizes!

Togores and Heredia both scored Public Event victories!

Helena Heredia from Granada, Spain was the winner of the female-only WCQ Regional Qualifier. The event was rather enjoyable for the competitors as there was a more relaxed atmosphere and a wide vareity of Decks present. In the end Heredia's Fire Fist Deck defeated Dark World in the finals, awarding her with an invite to this Summer's European Championship, along with a WCQ Regionals Game Mat and Deckbox (on a related note she also made it to Day 2 of the main event). From the sounds of it everybody was impressed with the event and it could become a regular fixture in future!

Rodrigo Togores is a Duelist that needs no introduction, as he's competed and won at the highest Level for many years now. After just missing out on a Day 2 appearance this time, he turned his attention to Public Events today and was looking forward to competing in the Battle Pack Draft event (if you're unfamiliar with Draft, check out this article from YCS Sheffield).

Having done well at YCS Sheffield Togores was more than qualified to give insight on how Draft plays."Drafting adds an extra layer of skill to the Sealed Play experience, as you have a lot of control over how to build your Deck." "Card advantage and getting those 'plus ones' is a big part of winning Duels since you don't have the big combos to rely on like in Advanced."

Congratulations to Rodrigo and Helena, and here's to more events like these in future!