UCS Utrecht 2020: Top 64 Deck & Country Breakdown

23.02.2020 | 12:50 |
After 12 Rounds of Swiss only the best 64 Duelists are remaining who will continue with the knock-out Rounds of YCS Utrecht 2020. In this article we are going to take a look at the Top 64 Deck and Country Breakdown. Is SPYRAL the Deck to beat? Did Invoked Shaddoll mount a comeback? Or are we going to see a rogue Deck that nobody had on the radar?


Top 64 Deck Breakdown


SPYRAL is still on top! 13 Duelists out of Top 64 are running SPYRAL (conversion rate: 6,3% from overall field). Salamangreat is doing good as well. 10 Duelists made it to Top 64 (4,98%). Altergeist seemed to be the sleeper pick for this event. There are 8 Duelists remaining in Top 64 (4,97%) In fourth place there is Dinosaurs! Had anybody asked prior to the event, I'm pretty sure only little people would have placed Dinosaurs this high. However, there are 5 Duelists in Top 64 running the Deck (3,55%). Then there is Invoked Shaddoll. After dropping in numbers after Day 1, they were able to mount a comeback! 6 Duelists are running the Deck in Top 64 (3,3%).


Top 64 Country Breakdown


Germany is still in the lead. 20 German Duelists in Top 64. The UK fought back and overtook France for the second best country in Top 64. France is third. Of xxx Duelists entering the Main Event, 9 made it to Top 64. Italy is in fourth place. Honorable mention goes out to Denmark with 2 Duelists in Top 64, one of them being a Dragon Duelist!