Up-And-Coming Duelist: Matteo Milano

At YCS Milan we spotted Matteo Milano and his father. Matteo is an accomplished Duelist from Savona, Italy and has already competed in numerous premier events in spite of his young age. At 13 years of age Matteo is already sporting an impressive record. Take a look at his profile.
Matteo Milano[abstand]
[b]Hi Matteo, please tell us how you started the game[/b]
[quote] We have a local store in Savona called “Caos ad”. I went there with my dad when I was nine years old. I had lots of fun and we decided to go to YCS Milan the same year. It was a nice coincidence and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So, at the age of nine I already played my 1st YCS. On Saturday I played in the Main Event and even scored a couple of wins and entered the Dragon Duel on Sunday. I had so much fun that we decided to attend events regularly.[/quote]
[b]In spite of your age you already sport an impressive record?[/b]
[quote]Well, as I said before. I’m having a lot of fun building decks and playtesting them. Since my debut went fairly well, we went to the first YCS in Rimini in 2015. I came in second at the Dragon Duel. My only loss was to the eventual winner Leonardo Pesci. After that I won my LLDS in Savona and attended the finals in Ravenna.

The following year I won the Dragon Duel at YCS Rimini 2016 and went to Berlin to take part in the WCQ. I finished ninth. My most successful year was 2017 where I finished 2nd at Italian Nationals, 2nd at YCS Rimini 2017 and another 2nd place at Dragon Duel WCQ Utrecht. In 2018 I finally won the Italian National Championship and finished 3rd at the WCQ in Berlin.

This year I entered the Main Event of YCS Milan and finished with 21 points. It’s my first time making it into Day 2 of the Main Event and I’m very excited.[/quote]
[b]Wow, what an impressive record! What are your goals?[/b]
[quote]One day, I want to make it to top cut of a YCS or a WCQ. But I feel no pressure at all. I want to play and compete in the first place and get to see different places. That’s basically it, and I’m pretty sure that one day I will be able to make it. I will keep on working hard, practice and improve as a Duelist.
Playing the Main Event in a YCS is very different from the Dragon Duel. The opponents are a much better and smarter. They have a lot more experience under their belt! Even though it’s harder, it is also a lot more satisfying playing with adults. It’s more challenging overall.[/quote]
[b] How was YCS Milan for you?[/b]
[quote]I’ve entered the Main Event with my unique Sky Striker Trickstar build. I run a hybrid, because I think that both engines have a lot of synergy. The Sky Striker engine is good a controlling my opponent and the Trickstar engine is for beatdown and burn. The burn effects turned out to be crucial due to the new time-out rule.

The deck took me all the way to Day 2, finishing Day 1 with a 5:3 record. It was my first time, playing Day 2 in a YCS and it felt great! It felt so rewarding to see my deck worked out as it was supposed to do. In the end, I ended up with a 7:4 record which I’m very proud of. [/quote]
[b]Which was your most favorite format ever? [/b]
[quote]Back when I played Burning Abyss Phantom Knights. I think that was in 2016. The deck was very challenging to play and had so much combo potential! I feel like you have to be very creative to pilot the deck well.

During that time, I was testing my Burning Abyss ABC Darklaw deck as well. I made up the list on my own and the deck was consistently building a field of Beatrice, ABC Buster Dragon and Darklaw. Even Marcello Barberi was very impressed by the list! [/quote]
[b]What is the secret to your success? [/b]
[quote]I feel like playtesting is crucial and being able to play other decks in preparation. I play as many different decks as possible. I try to figure out the combos and understand them thoroughly in order to be ready for all the different match-ups. It helps me improve as a player and understand the current metagame. Talking to good players regularly also helps me a lot.
Matteo, thank you for taking your time to talk to us! We would like to wish you all the best for your dueling career and hope to see you in a future YCS again.

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