Venue Lookaround Friday

The Main Event won’t start until tomorrow. Still Friday is worth a visit. There are tons of Public Events being held as well as the Zexal carnival.

Recue Cat

Venue Lookaround1

Venue Lookaround2

Venue Lookaround3

Venue Lookaround4

Venue Lookaround5

Venue Lookaround6

Venue Lookaround7

Venue Lookaround8

Venue Lookaround9

Venue Lookaround10

Venue Lookaround11

Venue Lookaround12

Venue Lookaround13

Venue Lookaround14

Venue Lookaround15

Venue Lookaround18

Venue Lookaround19

Venue Lookaround20

Venue Lookaround21

Venue Lookaround22

Venue Lookaround23

Venue Lookaround25

Venue Lookaround26

Venue Lookaround28

Venue Lookaround33

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