WCQ: EC Day 1 Wrap-Up

07.07.2012 | 23:26 |

It’s been an epic first day of this year’s World Championship Qualifier: European Championship! 865 players showed up, all eager to claim their spot in the World Championship which will be held in August…


This is how it all began!

This is how it all began!


Where 865 tried, 256 succeeded as they all made the cut and will continue to live the dream in tomorrow’s 2 remaining Swiss Rounds. Then, we’ll make another cut and only the Top 64 players will advance to the knock out portion of the tournament. As the name suggests, we’ll be losing half the field every single round from then on, which will leave us with Team Europe that will represent us at the World Championship after 4 rounds and just 2 matches later, we’ll also be able to crown our new European Champion!

We didn’t see that many surprised in the field, with most players relying on the established archetypes. Dino Rabbit, Wind-Up and Chaos Dragon took most of the top spots, but we also saw Nicolas Petz raising a flag for all fans of the Watt archetype or Francisco Chen, piloting an Anti Deck as well as Edoardo Dorigo with his Chain Burn Deck! It’s been quite the race and we can’t wait to find out which Deck will emerge on top after the dust settles tomorrow!



European Dragon Duel Championship


Our second Main Event, the European Dragon Duel Championship, welcomed a stunning 45 players from various countries. Germany and Italy made up the largest portion of the country split, sending 7 representatives each. France, Slovenia and Belgium followed and after that we saw a wide spread of the remaining players, leaving us with an impressive total of 18 countries in attendance.

After 5 rounds of Swiss, the best 8 players will move right away to the knock out portion of this prestigious event tomorrow. That means one of those 8 elite junior Duelists is only 3 more wins away from becoming Europe’s Champion! Two wins in a row won’t be too bad either, as the runner-up will also be representing Europe at the Dragon Duel World Championship!


Public Events


Over the course of the day, we saw hundreds of players signing up for Public Events. Our Win-A-Mat events proved to be the most popular Public Events once again; with more than 36 events of this kind held, we had a total of 576 sign-ups!

We also ran 8 Regionals and 81 players signed up for the Duelist League. On top of that, we had our first ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD event today (there are 2 more to come tomorrow) as well as 3 Battle Pack Events, which might give some Duelists a crucial edge to do well in our Ultimate Public Event: The Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown that will also be held tomorrow.

In total, we welcomed a lot more players than last year and handed out more prizes than ever before at a European Championship. And we didn’t even start day 2 yet! So be sure to check back tomorrow morning when we’ll know who is going to advance to the Top 64 and have a shot at the title of European Champion 2012!