WCQ: EC Duelist Diary Introduction

07.07.2012 | 14:43 |

This weekend, we’ll look over the shoulders of Paolo Miroballi, Jake Quinsee, Jaka Bavdek and Besnik Kajtazi. Let me introduce them to you real quick and tell you what they’ll be running this weekend!


Paolo Miroballi is our local player, having only travelled for a little more than an hour!

Paolo Miroballi is our local player, having only travelled for a little more than an hour!


You might remember Paolo from the YCS Toulouse, where we asked him a few Quick Questions. Today, he did not have to drive forever as he’s living almost around the corner – it’s just been a 1 hour drive for him!

He’s playing Dino Rabbit this weekend with Main Decked Maxx "C" to improve his match up against Wind-Ups. He expects the latter to make a big showing this weekend, partly to it’s past success at the North American World Championship Qualifier. It’s the most feared Deck thanks to its ability to go off as early as turn 1 and decide games before they even really started.

It’s hard to play against Wind-Up as it can access so many different tricks, unlike the Chaos Dragons, another big contender for the title this weekend. Then again, the brutality of this Deck, throwing one heavy hitter after another at you can also win games with ease!

Paolo hopes to make day 2 and he knows that he’ll need to get a little lucky to accomplish this feat, since the competition is tougher than ever, but he’s confident that he can pull it off!


He might end up our new European Dragon Duel Champion: Jaka Bavdek!

He might end up our new European Dragon Duel Champion: Jaka Bavdek!


You saw Jaka Bavdek taking down Sebastien Pirasteh yesterday in a Last Chance Qualifier. He travelled here together with his family; while they’re checking out the many sights of Milan, Jaka is tearing through the competition, trying to become the new European Dragon Duel Champion!

He had to decide between playing in the European Championship or the Dragon Duel Championship and chose the latter, expecting his chances to be a little better.

If he wouldn’t have won the LCQ, he would have enrolled in the many Public Events that are being held all weekend. He couldn’t participate in his country’s Nationals and really appreciated the newly introduced LCQs.

Jaka is playing Inzektors as he’s feeling very comfortable with the Deck. He’s been playing it for quite a while now, so he’s confident that he can do well here as well.


Jake Quinsee had a good start into the day!

Jake Quinsee had a good start into the day!


I asked Jake about how he got here:

Jake: I travelled with my brother and a friend from Manchester. We flew over Friday morning, but didn’t want to register right away as I wanted to keep preparing and be able to change my Deck if I felt the need arise. I kinda regret that today when I saw the queue, but I still think it’s worth committing to it.


You’re one of Europe’s most respected players. Can you tell us how you qualified for this event?

Jake: I qualified five times! I went on to make Top 32 in Long Beach, Top 16 at YCS Brighton, 3rd place at YCS Toulouse and a 2nd and 3rd place at Regionals. I came close so many times, I really wouldn’t mind winning this one for a change! But I do realize it’s very hard as all of Europe’s best players are here today as well!

I’m running Wind-Ups as I think it’s the best Deck. It has access to a number of powerful combos and Xyz Monsters that can put a lot of pressure on your opponent. I’ve been playing the Deck since it came out and featured all the tools it needed, so basically right after Brighton. I know it inside out and feel confident with it.


Besnik Kajtazi just got back into the game!

Besnik Kajtazi just got back into the game!


Besnik Kajtazi used to be one of the most successful German players and he even made the trip to an American Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series to show off his skill there, however, that was before an illness forced him to take a break from his favorite pastime for a whopping 3 years. He’s on the road to recovery at the moment, finally gaining back his strength, but it’s still a little too early for him to walk.

His Dueling skills on the other hand need no recovery. Although he just got back into the game a few months back, he managed to pull off an impressive performance at the German National Championship, ending up in the Top 32. He also made the finals at a special marriage event of our staff members Markus and Martina, so it seems like he’s back on track and ready to make a strong showing this weekend!

He’s running Chaos Dragons as he likes the way the Deck can explode. Future Fusion is his favorite card as hit can decide games all on its own – it doesn’t really matter if you get to Special Summon Five-Headed Dragon, it’s more about the filling up your Graveyard part that matters. Few opponent’s can answer the resulting onslaught of Dragons, tearing through your defenses like it’s a piece of cake!


Alright, that’s it from our featured Duelists for the time being. We’ll catch up with them a little later again, to see how they’re faring and if they will have a shot at making day 2.