WCQ: European Championship 2012 – Coverage overview day 0

Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Friday of our live coverage from the WCQ: European Championship 2012 in Milan, Italy.

News & Updates
Welcome to the WCQ: EC 2012!
Day 0 Wrap-Up

Feature Matches
LCQ #2 Final: Dylan Demongeot (Dino Rabbit) vs. Guyan Iiyanage (T.G. Anti)
LCQ Finals: Jaka Bavdek (Inzektors) vs. Sebastien Pirasteh (HERO)
LCQ Finals: Mirko Milone (Dino Rabbits) vs. Panagiotis Daoulis (Dino Rabbit)

Deck Analysis & Strategy
Deck Analysis: Martin Oswald’s Chaos Rabbit

Pre-Registration Excitement!
Photos on the Floor!
Public Event Prizes!
Our First Win-a-Mat Winner!
The Road to Worlds

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