WCQ: European Championship 2012 – Coverage overview day 1

08.07.2012 | 20:41 |
Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Saturday of our live coverage from the WCQ: European Championship 2012 in Milan, Italy. News & Updates Welcome to the European Championship 2012! First European Dragon Duel Championship EVER! The Ultimate Public Event: Battle Pack Ultimate Showdown WCQ: EC Day 1 Wrap-Up Standings & Playoffs Standings after round 3 Standings after round 4 Standings after round 5 Standings after round 6 Standings after round 7 Standings after round 8 Player Profiles Presenting the National Champions – Part 1 Presenting the National Champions – Part 2 Presenting the National Champions – Part 3 Presenting the National Champions – Part 4 Feature Matches Round 1 Feature Match: Stefano Lenti Livraghi (Wind-Ups) vs. Nick Boulbasakos (Dino Rabbit) Round 2: Antonio Ripoll (Gadgets) vs. Michal Tino (Dino Rabbit) Round 3 Feature Match: Duda Krzysztof (Masked HERO) vs. Soner Güngör (Dino Rabbit) Dragon Duel Round 5: Roberto (Wind-Up) vs. Maximiliaan (Inzektors) Round 4 Feature Match: Michael Baldi (Six Samurais) vs. Roman Wömpner (Dino Rabbit) Round 5: Pierre Pradelles (Dino Rabbit) vs. Sergio Marti Orts (T.G. Agents) Round 6 Feature Match: Marcello Barberi (Wind-Ups) vs. Wytze Kluitenberg (Dino Rabbit) Round 7: Nicolas Petz (Watt) vs. Thierry Cyganek (Wind-Up) Round 8 Feature Match: Luigi Massimo Bellocchio (Six Samurais) vs. Stavros Vitsentsatos (Wind-Ups) Deck Analysis & Strategy Deck Analysis: Martin Witt’s Monarch Deck Analysis: Gia Nguyen’s Junk Evol Deck Stats of the Dragon Duel Championship Taking a closer look at the Top 20 tables Other Cinderella Story of the Superstudio Piu QQ: How Did Dueling on Day 0 affect your decisions for Day 1? Check Out What’s Decorating the Venue! Registration running wild! QQ: How Did the North American WCQ Affect Your Deck This Weekend? QQ: What Will Win This Weekend? Number of the Day & Round 1 in pictures! WCQ: EC Duelist Diary Introduction A look at the action during Round 3 Duelist Diary Update #1 Check Out What’s Going On in Round 5! The first ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner What’s Going on at Public Events? The perfect Introduction to the Game Battle Pack Deck Swap!