WCQ: European Championship 2013 – Coverage Overview

30.06.2013 | 22:22 |

Here are all of the coverage articles posted from the WCQ: European Championship 2013, enjoy! Last Updated: 22.22 - June 30, 2013
Announcements Friday’s big announcement: More info on YCS London!
News and Updates: Coming up… WCQ: European Championship 2013! Welcome to the WCQ: European Championship 2013! Welcome to Day 1 of the WCQ: European Championship 2013! Welcome to Day 2 of the WCQ: European Championship 2013! Dragon Duel: Award Ceremony Meet Team Europe!
Feature Matches: LCQ Final: Bau Nguyen vs Puccilli Raphel LCQ Semi-Finals: Philip Karan vs. Alessio Ciantia Round 1: Stefano Memoli (Spellbook) vs. Sergio Marti (Spellbook) Round 2: Christopher Reyes (Inzektor) vs Andrea Scaccia (Evilswarm) Round 3: Miquel Scheemaker (Evilswarm) vs. Benedikt Junk (Scrap) Round 3: National Champion Mini-Mega-Awesome Feature Matches! Round 4: Tom Paine (Dragon Rulers) vs. Alessio Giordani (Spellbooks) Round 5: Tom Keenan (Constellar) vs Richard Schaber (Constellar) Round 6: Christopher Lamp (Spellbooks) vs. Alessandro Campo (Dragunities) Round 7: Muchait Izci (Mermail) vs Eugen Heidt (Dragon Ruler) Round 8: Stephan Sluis (Spellbooks) vs. Erikos Bek (Spellbooks) Round 8: More National Champion Mini-Mega-Awesome Feature Matches! Round 9: Michael Ciplak (Constellar) vs. Marc Oswald (Spellbooks) Round 10 Feature Match: Christian Böttcher (Anti-Meta) vs Rozza Valerio (Dragon Ruler) Round 10: The Mega Feature Round 11: Alain Ly (Evilswarm) vs. Jaka Fortunat (Evilswarm) Top 64 Feature Match: Simon He (Dragon Ruler) vs Marco Grammatica Top 32: Dung Dang Quoc (Constellar) vs. Patrick Döbelin (Mermails) Top 16: Jeanlou Bernard (Spellbook) vs Fillippo Galletti (Dragon Ruler) Top 16: the Mega Feature! Top 8 Feature Match: Federico Zoppini (Spellbook) vs Chris Bountaloudis (Spellbook) Finals of the YCS Trial: Robin Bachofner (Swiss Aggro) vs. Marcus Ido (PoG Control) Top 4: Michel Gruner (Dragon Ruler) vs Rozza Valerio (Dragon Ruler) Final Feature Match: Michel Grüner (Dragon Rulers) vs. Chris Bountaloudis (Spellbooks)
Standings: Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 (End of Day 1) Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 (End of Swiss)
Playoffs Top 16 Results and Top 8 Pairings Top 8 Results and Top 4 Pairings The Final Matchup
Dragon Duel: Dragon Duel: Who will make it to the World Championship? European Dragon Duel Championship Final: Luca (Dragon Ruler) vs Niels (Spellbook)
Pictures: A look at the LCQs A look around the venue A look at the Public Events More Public Event Pictures! Pictures from Registration! Pictures from Round 2! Pictures from Round 6! Duelists in Focus: Round 9 Pictures from Top 64!
Deck Analysis: Deck Analysis: Michael Rasmussen’s Steel Plated Gadgets Deck Analysis: Giovanni Capecci’s Lightsworn Deck Analysis – Keith Hearne’s “Negate EVERYTHING!” Deck Deck Analysis: Benedikt Junk’s Scraps Deck Analysis: Asier Ugaldea’s 3 Axis Fire Fist
Strategy Content: Dragon Ruler vs. Spellbooks – The Big Matchup Analysed Frankfurt Tech Card Update! Talking Strategy: Playing on the Bubble Under the Radar Decks
Statistics: The Deck and Duelist breakdowns from Pre-Registation The Deck and Duelist breakdowns of Day 2
Top Tables: Round 5 Top Tables
Duelist Profiles Duelist Profile: Can Aksakal Duelist Profile: René Pinkes Duelist Profiles: Ita and Benjamin Duelist Profile: Alpay Engin Duelist Profile: Joni Suppula Top 8 Profiles
Public Events: Events on Friday Battle Pack 2 at the WCQ Our first Giant Card winner! Insight from a happy WCQ: Regional winner! Public Events Saturday Wrap-Up & Rise of Sealed Pack Play An interview with another WCQ: Regional winner! Here’s Giant Card winner Number 2! Our Third Giant Card winner! Giant Card winner number 4! Dragon Duel Regional Winners! The last Giant Card winner of the day!
Quick Questions: QQ: What Deck will you be playing this weekend? QQ: How did you get here? QQ: How did you do at Nationals? QQ: Tell us your best “Bad Beat” Story!
Articles and other Features: Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and Germany – A Great Partnership Early Registration and Participation Prizes Getting the ball rolling... Introducing the Token maker! 7 million reasons to celebrate! Back to the Roots with Legendary Collection 4 The Evolution of the Feature Match Theater