WCQ: European Championship 2013 – Coverage Overview


Here are all of the coverage articles posted from the WCQ: European Championship 2013, enjoy!

[i]Last Updated: 22.22 – June 30, 2013[/i]
Friday’s big announcement: More info on YCS London!

[b][u]News and Updates:[/b][/u]
Coming up… WCQ: European Championship 2013!
Welcome to the WCQ: European Championship 2013!
Welcome to Day 1 of the WCQ: European Championship 2013!
Welcome to Day 2 of the WCQ: European Championship 2013!
Dragon Duel: Award Ceremony
Meet Team Europe!

[b][u]Feature Matches:[/b][/u]
LCQ Final: Bau Nguyen vs Puccilli Raphel
LCQ Semi-Finals: Philip Karan vs. Alessio Ciantia
Round 1: Stefano Memoli (Spellbook) vs. Sergio Marti (Spellbook)
Round 2: Christopher Reyes (Inzektor) vs Andrea Scaccia (Evilswarm)
Round 3: Miquel Scheemaker (Evilswarm) vs. Benedikt Junk (Scrap)
Round 3: National Champion Mini-Mega-Awesome Feature Matches!
Round 4: Tom Paine (Dragon Rulers) vs. Alessio Giordani (Spellbooks)
Round 5: Tom Keenan (Constellar) vs Richard Schaber (Constellar)
Round 6: Christopher Lamp (Spellbooks) vs. Alessandro Campo (Dragunities)
Round 7: Muchait Izci (Mermail) vs Eugen Heidt (Dragon Ruler)
Round 8: Stephan Sluis (Spellbooks) vs. Erikos Bek (Spellbooks)
Round 8: More National Champion Mini-Mega-Awesome Feature Matches!
Round 9: Michael Ciplak (Constellar) vs. Marc Oswald (Spellbooks)
Round 10 Feature Match: Christian Böttcher (Anti-Meta) vs Rozza Valerio (Dragon Ruler)
Round 10: The Mega Feature
Round 11: Alain Ly (Evilswarm) vs. Jaka Fortunat (Evilswarm)
Top 64 Feature Match: Simon He (Dragon Ruler) vs Marco Grammatica
Top 32: Dung Dang Quoc (Constellar) vs. Patrick Döbelin (Mermails)
Top 16: Jeanlou Bernard (Spellbook) vs Fillippo Galletti (Dragon Ruler)
Top 16: the Mega Feature!
Top 8 Feature Match: Federico Zoppini (Spellbook) vs Chris Bountaloudis (Spellbook)
Finals of the YCS Trial: Robin Bachofner (Swiss Aggro) vs. Marcus Ido (PoG Control)
Top 4: Michel Gruner (Dragon Ruler) vs Rozza Valerio (Dragon Ruler)
Final Feature Match: Michel Grüner (Dragon Rulers) vs. Chris Bountaloudis (Spellbooks)

Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8 (End of Day 1)
Round 9
Round 10
Round 11 (End of Swiss)

Top 16 Results and Top 8 Pairings
Top 8 Results and Top 4 Pairings
The Final Matchup

[b][u]Dragon Duel:[/b][/u]
Dragon Duel: Who will make it to the World Championship?
European Dragon Duel Championship Final: Luca (Dragon Ruler) vs Niels (Spellbook)

A look at the LCQs
A look around the venue
A look at the Public Events
More Public Event Pictures!
Pictures from Registration!
Pictures from Round 2!
Pictures from Round 6!
Duelists in Focus: Round 9
Pictures from Top 64!

[b][u]Deck Analysis:[/b][/u]
Deck Analysis: Michael Rasmussen’s Steel Plated Gadgets
Deck Analysis: Giovanni Capecci’s Lightsworn
Deck Analysis – Keith Hearne’s “Negate EVERYTHING!” Deck
Deck Analysis: Benedikt Junk’s Scraps
Deck Analysis: Asier Ugaldea’s 3 Axis Fire Fist

[b][u]Strategy Content:[/b][/u]
Dragon Ruler vs. Spellbooks – The Big Matchup Analysed
Frankfurt Tech Card Update!
Talking Strategy: Playing on the Bubble
Under the Radar Decks

The Deck and Duelist breakdowns from Pre-Registation
The Deck and Duelist breakdowns of Day 2

[b][u]Top Tables:[/b][/u]
Round 5 Top Tables

[b][u]Duelist Profiles[/b][/u]
Duelist Profile: Can Aksakal
Duelist Profile: René Pinkes
Duelist Profiles: Ita and Benjamin
Duelist Profile: Alpay Engin
Duelist Profile: Joni Suppula
Top 8 Profiles

[b][u]Public Events:[/b][/u]
Events on Friday
Battle Pack 2 at the WCQ
Our first Giant Card winner!
Insight from a happy WCQ: Regional winner!
Public Events Saturday Wrap-Up & Rise of Sealed Pack Play
An interview with another WCQ: Regional winner!
Here’s Giant Card winner Number 2!
Our Third Giant Card winner!
Giant Card winner number 4!
Dragon Duel Regional Winners!
The last Giant Card winner of the day!

[b][u]Quick Questions:[/b][/u]
QQ: What Deck will you be playing this weekend?
QQ: How did you get here?
QQ: How did you do at Nationals?
QQ: Tell us your best “Bad Beat” Story!

[b][u]Articles and other Features:[/b][/u]
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG and Germany – A Great Partnership
Early Registration and Participation Prizes
Getting the ball rolling…
Introducing the Token maker!
7 million reasons to celebrate!
Back to the Roots with Legendary Collection 4
The Evolution of the Feature Match Theater


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