WCQ: European Championship 2019 Award Ceremony

02.07.2019 | 9:42 |
The WCQ: European Championship 2019 in Utrecht is in the books! We had 1.900 Duelists entering the Main Event on Saturday making this the largest European Championship ever! After 11 Rounds of Swiss and 6 more Knock-Out Rounds we have a new European Champion. After semi-finals it was already clear that the title would go to France. We had an all France final: Gabriele Soussi vs. Samir Bachar. Samir seems to have quite a run at Euros. It was the second time he made it to the finals and the second time he will be going to the World Championship. In a Salamangreat mirror match Gabriele Soussi finally won his first European Championship for France and will be going to Worlds! The whole French community went nuts after his victory! Here are the pictures from the award ceremony. WCQ Utrecht 2019 WCQ Utrecht 2019 WCQ Utrecht 2019 WCQ Utrecht 2019 WCQ Utrecht 2019