WCQ: European Championship 2019: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

30.06.2019 | 10:34 |

After Day 1 of the European Championship 2019 everyone with 15 points or higher was allowed to continue playing on Sunday. That’s almost 500 Duelists going into Day 2. Though, chances of toping are low, if you already have 3 losses. Everybody with an x:1 record has a loss to give, x:2 Duelists are on the bubble for the rest of the day.

Day 2 Deck Breakdown


Going through the Deck breakdown ratios haven’t changed all that much. Salamangreat is still in the lead with 158 Decks. That’s a conversion rate of 35%. In second place is Orcust with 97 Decks and a conversion rate of 30%. Sky Striker is still in third place, but its conversion rate is at 28%. Thunder Dragon is fourth with a conversion rate of 27%. Surprisingly, Altergeist was able to pilot 25 Duelists to Day 2, putting it on par with Orcust in terms of conversion rate.


Day 2 Country Breakdown


Countrywise, Germany is still firmly in the lead in front of France and now Italy. The Italians managed to overtake the United Kingdom which is in fourth place at the beginning of Day 2. 44% of the Italian Duelists entering the Main Event are still in on Day 2. That’s very impressive!