WCQ: European Championship 2019: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

29.06.2019 | 15:30 |

After the NAWCQ, we were curious to see if the metagame would shift into a certain direction. Since it was dominated by Thunder Dragon Danger! decks, we expected to see the metagame shift heavily into this direction. But, as usual Europe is a little bit different than the United States, therefore the metagame breakdown is different than what we would have expected.

Overall Deck Breadown[abstand]
Salamangreat is still the most popular deck here in Utrecht. 448 Duelists brought the deck to the table, which amounts to almost 24%. Coming in second place is Orcust with 321 decks. That’s 17% of the overall field. In third place is Sky Striker which seems to be part of the metagame forever. The versatility and consistency of the deck helps to keep up with the current decks. Thunder Dragon is only in forth amount to 11% of the overall field. We’ll see how it turns out on Day 2.[abstand]
OVerall Country Breakdown[abstand]
Germany is way up in front with 634 Duelists (33%) in Utrecht. France is the second most represented country with 263 Duelists. The United Kingdom is third with 202 Duelists. In fourth place we have the Netherlands sending 173 Duelists into this event.