WCQ: European Championship 2019 Top 64 Deck & Country Breakdown

30.06.2019 | 15:40 |
After 11 Rounds of Swiss only the best 64 Duelists are remaining. We are about to start the knock-out Rounds of this event. In this article we are going to take a look at the Top 64 Deck and country breakdown. Is Salamangreat still on top? Were the other Decks able to keep up? Read on to find out!


Top 64 Deck Breakdown


Salamangreat is still the most successful Deck in Top 64. Out of the 158 Decks that made it to day 2, 20 were able to continue to Top 64. Coming in second is Sky Striker, that's a bit of a surprise! The Deck finally took the second spot from Orcust. Orcust is third and the next big surprise is Altergeist with 7 Decks in Top 64. Today, 25 Duelists were piloting Altergeist and 7 of them made it to Top 64. That's very impressive and probably the Deck flew a little bit under the radar as off lately.


Top 64 Country Breakdown


Germany, Italy and France are the big three countries here in Utrecht. Germany is way up in front. But Italy gained yet another spot and is now in second place. France is third and the United Kingdom is in fourth place. Compared to the overall number of Duelists entering the event, Italy is the most successful.