WCQ: Regional winner profile: Bradley James

[p]Although we’re still in 2011, we’ve got one eye on 2012’s big events! One of the big Public Events this weekend is the WCQ: Regional Qualifier, where the winners earn invites to next year’s European Championship. Here’s one of today’s winners, who sat down after his victory for a quick chat![/p]

[quote][b]Hi there and congratulations on the win! Can you tell us a bit about your experience today?[/b]
[i][p]Thank you! First off I ran Sea Lancer Frogs, as it’s a Deck I really liked and was cheap enough to put together as well. I ended up dropping out of the main event and took on my chances in the Public Events, simply because I really wanted to win the WCQ Game mat. It’s a nice morale booster for the younger Duelists at my local tournaments as they look up to the more experienced players they play against, and always ask how we got on after big events. If they see that their local players are doing well they’ll do what they can to become a stronger Duelist and be winning these cool prizes themselves![/p][/i][/quote]
[quote][b]Let’s talk about the Regional itself; can you give us a quick rundown of your matches?[/b]
[i][div]It was a 16 player tournament, single elimination so I had to win 4 matches in a row to earn my invite. First round I played against Plant Synchro. He thought he was playing against normal Monarchs but [b]Sea Lancer[/b] and [ggg] put him off and I had the edge.

Second game was against TG. I was lucky I had a Side Deck built to beat decks like these. I won Duel 1, but it was a struggle. In Duel 2 I knew he’d Side Deck [debunk] and other cards against me, so I put [decree] and [b]The End of Anubis[/b] to counteract this. Fortunately I drew these cards and won out after a long Match!

Match 3 was against a Malefic Deck. He was an Italian Duelist and we couldn’t speak each other’s languages, so we had to play off of the card images and pointing to various cards for attacks and effects and so-on. It was a little tougher than usual (tight Duel too) but we managed to work it out and fortunately I made it to the Final.

The final was against Frog Monarchs. I wasn’t expecting that and he wasn’t expecting to play against [b]Sea Lancer[/b]. The Duel was very tight and we had to take time to make the right plays. It eventually went to time and I had an opportunity to Summon [obelisk] and took it. The God card was so threatening and unexpected that he had to play [hole] while he controlled 4 monsters; and with that card out of the way I could Summon enough monsters to seal the match.[/div][i][/quote]

[quote][b]That Deck sounds like a lot of fun, fill us in on how it works![/b]
[i][p]The Deck functions like a regular Frog Monarch deck, but has lots of tricks involving [lancer]. Normally my opponents will think it’s Frog Monarchs and play accordingly, but the [lancer] can come out of nowhere and set up tons of combos. When it’s on the field (one time only) I can equip it with all the banished monsters I use ([tree], [dupe] etc.), and it’s essentially a giant [ggg] that can attack for 2300 and protect itself up to 5 times. The monsters I equip to it also give me free cards and combos when they’re sent to the Graveyard ([poison] is the key one). Oh, and I can bring it back with [salvage] and dodge [bth] as well![/i][/p][/quote]

[quote][b]Now that you’ve scored your 2012 European Championship invite, what’s next?[/b]
[i][p]I’m going to finish up my studies at University first, and get some practice in at local events in the meantime. I might head to YCS Leipzig if I can spare the time, and I can go to UK Nationals and just have fun and not worry about qualifying![/i][/p][/quote]

[quote][b]Thanks for the interview and good luck![/b]
[i]Thanks again, today’s been a great day and quite fun overall![/i][/quote]

[quote][b][u]Bradley James (Lancer Frogs)[/b]

Monsters: 25[/u]
3 [lancer]
3 [caius]
3 [swap]
3 [ronin]
2 [dupe]
2 [poison]
2 [tree]
2 [maxx]
1 [veiler]
1 [sangan]
1 [gorz]
1 [snowman]
1 [obelisk]

[u]Spells: 14[/u]
3 [b]Creature Swap[/b]
2 [econ]
2 [salvage]
2 [mst]
1 [storm]
1 [poa]
1 [reborn]
1 [hole]
1 [book]

[u]Traps: 1[/u]
1 [tth]

[u]Extra Deck: 15[/u]
3 [ggg]
1 [leviair]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [tiras]
1 [tghl]
1 [catastor]
1 [arm]
1 [fsynch]
1 [trish]
1 [scrap d]
1 [brd]
1 [brionac]
1 [cfd]

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