WCQ Regionals Player Profile: Gillian Van Sande

23.02.2014 | 15:40 |
There are a lot of WCQ Regionals happening here today at YCS Berlin, many people are fighting all out! We’re having people qualify constantly, I caught up with one of the winners to see how he did.

Gillian van Sande

On his way!

Gillian van Sande is from Belgium and has been playing for about 3 or 4 years. Previously to this he has attended YCS Lille and YCS London!

What Deck were you playing and what did you play against?

"I’m playing Bujin. I played against Harpies, a mirror and Constellar"

What was your toughest matchup?

" Toughest was harpies, they kept destroying my back row and that’s the key ingredient to my Deck."

What Deck do you usually play other than Bujin?

" I play a Skull Servant Deck usually. It’s my favourite."

Any combos in particular you’ve pulled off at all?

" I usually just keep Yamata Dragon control, I can keep it even in the mirror."

Best of luck to Gillian! See you at the WCQ: European Championships!