WCQ: UK National Championship 2014 – Coverage Overview

11.05.2014 | 17:23 |
This year's WCQ: UK national Championship has just ended, and I'd like to congratulate our winners and finalists on doing so well over the past 2 days of action. Also, many thanks to all those that attended and enjoyed the Dueling weekend. Finally, thank you all for checking out our coverage of the event; incase you missed anything, all of our articles are linked below. Thank you all once again and we'll see you at another top-Level event real soon! News & Announcements: Welcome to Day 1! Welcome to Day 2! The Award Ceremony!
Feature Matches: Round 1 Round 3 Round 5 Round 7 Round 9 Top 32 Top 8 Final
Standings: End of Swiss
Playoff Pairings: Top 32 Top 16 Top 8 Top 4 Final
Deck Analysis: Lewis Norman's Harpies!
Duelist Profiles: The 2013 Champion: Tom Paine! Top 8 Profiles
Picture Galleries: Registration Round 1 Round 8 Day 1 Prizegiving! Top 16
Public Events: Public Event Roundup
Strategy Content: Day 1 Deck Breakdown Top 32 Deck Breakdown
Quick Questions: What tech are you running this weekend?