WCQ: UK National Championships 2018 – Winners Crowned!

The UK National Championships have been a lot of fun, but after battling it out with 727 players, we have our champions!

The WCQ: UK National Championships

Your winner has been crowned! Just like YCS Liverpool, Thomas Rose has piloted Burning Abyss to the top!

tom rose

Your runner-up Finn Bakewell used Pendulums to take him all the way to the World Championships in 2016 and it served him well, taking second place in the largest UK Nationals so far!

Conor Zhou and Jordan Gallacher take joint 3/4th place playing Trickstar Sky Striker and Gouki respectively.



WCQ Dragon Duel

Congratulations to the top four of our Dragon Duel! Your champion is Ned G. (2nd from the right), your second place was Charlie P. and Jamie H. and Kamal H. took joint 3/4th.

Dargon Duel


Giant Card Events

Giant Pot of Greed was taken by Miles Sage in what has been hailed as one of the most interesting and entertaining matches on stream! Topologic Trisbaena was taken by Jeremy Ho, congratulations!

giant card

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