We have a Dragon Duel Winner!

01.09.2013 | 15:12 |
Next to the main event on Sunday a different kind of battle began; the Dragon Duel tournament! The Dragon Duel is a tournament for those born on or after 2001 so they can compete on a Level playing field! The best of the best were in attendance this year, including our winner Fabio who is a veteran of the Dragon Duel circuit!

Fabio looks happy with his win!

Many different and varied Decks reared their head at this event! Burn, Mermail, Zombie Destiny and Frog Monarch were all fighting for the top spot, but Fabio’s Mini Mermail Deck took the win in the end!

Joshua, Benjamin, Fabio, Raphael, Daniel, Cedric, Yves and Quinten!

His favourite card in his Deck is Mermail Abyssdine , he loves its effect! He’s played at many YCS Dragon Duel Tournaments before and was at the European Championships Dragon Duel last year in which he came tenth! Way to go Fabio!
We wish Fabio luck in the future and congratulations on his win!