We have a GIANT CARD winner!

15.04.2012 | 9:31 |

We caught up with our first Attack of the Giant card winner for this weekend, 29 year old Yohann Descamps from France walks away very happy with his GIANT Dark Magician of Chaos.

No, he did not win a free GIANT SPELL CARD to go with it...

Yohann took his HERO Deck to the finals of this event where he faced off against Inzektors in a fierce final match up, after a back and forth Duel a final Miracle Fusion using his on field Elemental HERO Absolute Zero to Fusion Summon another Elemental HERO Absolute Zero destroying all of his opponent’s monsters and opening a gap for the final attack.

Yohann is no stranger to high Level play, he has represented Europe at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Game Word Championships in 2007 where he made it to the finals, falling just short of taking home the title.

When asked why he chose this event Yohann said he didn’t do so well in the main event and wanted to test his Hero Deck out before the French National Championship, judging by his win here he looks to be a very strong competitor.