We have a Madolche Regionals Winner!

While Day 1 of YCS Turin is coming to an end, we also have our very first WCQ: Regional winner this weekend. Diego Badinotti from Italy emerged victorious after 4 rounds of Single Eliminiation. But this is not any usual WCQ: Regional win. Diego managed to win this with Madolche! We have seen a few Madolche duelists with some success already. But most of them used to play a control approach, just like Richard Thompson did at YCS London. But Diego’s Madolche Deck is a little bit different. It is more a Combo Deck than a Control Deck. Before we handed over his prizes, I asked him to explain his Deck, and he was more than happy to!


Diego has just won a WCQ: Regional with Madolche!


[b]Since when are you playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME?[/b]

[quote]I started in September 2007. One of my friends was playing the game and I gave it a try, too. Obviously I liked and later I started to play tournaments as well.[/quote]


[b]Why did you choose to play Madolche?[/b]

[quote]I always play it, when I want to have fun. It is a cool deck. Somehow, especially at big tournaments, I don’t feel like playing a standard Deck like Evilswarm or Dragon Ruler. Then I want to try something crazy. For example I played Worms at this year’s WCQ: Nationals![/quote]


[b]What was your hardest Duel this tournament?[/b]

[quote]Infernity! I had to play one in Round 2. It was super hard to play my combos, because my opponent always interrupted with [barrier]. I had to adapt my playstyle.[/quote]


[b]What was your best play this tournament?[/b]

[quote]There are the different kind of combos I can do thanks to [mad hoot], [mad mess], [spell striker] and [instant fusion]. I usually try to play a faster game than other Madolche Decks. A lot of Madolche players are trying to control the game and to grind out card advantage. But I think you should just try to beat down your opponent as fast as possible. Most opponents are caught off-guard when I use this tactic.[/quote]


[b]Do you think playing a unusual Deck gives you an advantage over the competition.[/b]

[quote]Yes! Absolutely! A lot of people do not know what I play and how my Deck works. They don’t know the cards. So they make mistakes I can benefit from.[/quote]


[b]Are there any other things that are not “ordinary Madolche”?[/b]

[quote]I don’t play 3 [mad chat]. A lot of Madolche players use 3. But I don’t like to draw 2 or 3 on my starting hand. Also I can search it with [mad mess]. So there is no reason to play more than 2. Then I play [ccd] to speed up my Deck and to get my combos faster.[/quote]


[b]You also play [tt]. Why?[/b]

[quote][tt] is important to stop your opponent’s combos. It also helps to bring a Madolche to the Grave so I can use it with [mad hoot] or [mad tiara].[/quote]

As you can see, there is not always one right way to play a Deck. Richard Thompson had great success with a Control Deck. But you can also have success with a Combo Deck, as proven by Diego Badinotti. He also likes to share his Decklist! Here it is!


3 [magileine]
3 [mad hoot]
3 [mad mess]
3 [mad mewf]
2 [spell striker]
2 [ccd]
2 [maxx]
1 [scarecrow]


3 [mst]
2 [mad chat]
2 [mad ticket]
2 [pod]
1 [hole]
1 [bom]
1 [rota]
1 [instant fusion]


2 [mf]
2 [trap stun]
1 [mad pal]
1 [tt]
1 [sw]
1 [bth]
1 [ced]

Side Deck:

1 [maxx]
2 [crow]
2 [dyna]
1 [trap stun]
1 [soul drain]
2 [dna]
1 [dust]
3 [wall]

Extra Deck:

2 [tiramisu]
2 [xm]
1 [ban]
1 [ddw]
1 [50]
1 [maestro]
1 [dweller]
1 [cowboy]
1 [zenmaines]
1 [angineer]
1 [leviair]
1 [darkfire]

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