We have a winner at the Public Events Playoffs!

01.09.2013 | 19:14 |
The Public Events Playoffs finals saw Arman Haji-Gassemi, our Attack of the Giant Card! winner, with his Evilswarm Deck versus Fabio, our Dragon Duel winner, with his Mini Mermail Deck. The Public Events Playoff selects the best of the best from all the Public Events ran at YCS Brussels and pits them against each other. They’ve worked hard to get where they are today and, at only 12 years old, I can reveal that it is Fabio that has won!

Fabio's new card fits like a glove!

It was a close call, both players playing the Decks they used to defeat all the Duelists in their previous events! He’ll receive a copy of the prize card Number 106: Giant Hand and the proud knowledge that he is better than all the other Duelists that competed in this weekend’s Public events!

Arman's Evilswarm wasn't quite enough!

Let’s see what he has to say about his win:
I’m happy about it, I didn’t expect it. I was using the same Deck as earlier; I got to use my Mermail Abyssdine . I’m happy I’ve won a copy of Number 106: Giant Hand!