We have a winner at the Random Public Events Playoff!

23.02.2014 | 18:39 |

We have a winner at the Random Public Event Playoff! Song Cai from Germany will be taking home his very own [106]. He’s faced a lot today and the pairing worked in his favour!

Song is super happy for his new card!

He beat out Mermail in the finals with his Fire Fist Deck in the end. Let’s see what he has to say about his win:
[quote][p][b]Have you been to any other YCS and how long have you been playing?[/b][/p]
[p]”I’ve been to YCS Bochum and I’ve been playing for about 10 years but I had a long break and now I’m back!”[/p][/quote][br]
[quote][p][b]Do you play any other Decktype?[/b][/p]
[p]”I [i]always[/i] play Fire Fist”[/p][/quote][br]
[quote][p][b]Are there any plays that you can remember that help you win?[/b][/p]
[p]”It was all a lot of luck more than anything[/p][/quote][br]
Thanks for playing Song! It just goes to show that no matter what you can still have a chance at grasping that price with your [106]s!