We have another ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner!

27.10.2013 | 19:07 |

Duelists are going all out in Day 2 of YCS London, decimating opponent after opponent! Not too far from them however people are battling with equal intensity, all for their love of GIGANTIC MONSTER CARDS!

In Attack of the Giant Card! Duelists play to win their own Giant Card, like those used in the Giant Duels! It’s been a tough one, but after many rounds of strife Errikos Beck from Greece emerges victorious defeating a Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dragon Ruler Deck in the final.

Errikos Beck (holding the card) is our winner!

Errikos Beck (holding the card) is our winner!

Lets see what he has to say:

What’s your favourite Decktype and why?!

”I played Dragunity Ruler – I love that Deck more than the regular Dragon Ruler Deck because it’s more versatile and you can make the Side-Deck more easily.”

What’s your favourite card in your Deck?

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars – it lets me draw cards and use my Dragon’s abilities!”

Why did you choose Ghostrick Lantern?

”It was the best card there by far!”

Congratulations Errikos!