We have not 1, not 2, but 3 ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD Winners!

Today our second GIANT CARD finds a new home with UK player 23 year old Rick Cherry!

[p]When we asked Rick why he decided to play ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD over any of the other Public Events, he explained that he prefers Single-Elimination Public Events where he can join lots of different events, rather than committing to one for the day.[/p]

Rick is taking home whats sure to be a very popular Extra Deck monster

[p]Rick won his new GIANT [b]Maestroke The Symphony Djinn[/b] using a Dino Rabbit deck, using a series of powerful plays to overwhelm his opponents. Rick has has had strong showings in recent events, including a Top 16 at his National Championship followed by a Top 8 finish at the European Championship 2011. A lot stood between Rick and his GIANT [b]Maestroke The Symphony Djinn[/b] including a field of 3 [grapha] where Rick held out against the onslaught and managed to win the match![/p]

[p]Our next GIANT CARD winner is 19 year old Tony Le from France. He piloted his HERO deck to victory taking home a fan favorite GIANT [b]Pot of Greed[/b].[/p]

Many players have many happy memories of drawing Pot of Greed!

[p]Tony just rejoined the game after a long break with his last accomplishment being a 7th Place finish at his National Championship in 2009.[/p]

[p]Our final winner for today and our last GIANT of the weekend goes home with 20 year old Nick Boulbasakos from Greece. He also played a Dino Rabbit deck maxing out on both [lance] and [chalice] across his main and side deck, giving him control over the Battle Phase. Nick made some impressive plays during this event including an excellent prediction of his opponents [cd] allowing him to play around it and not fall into his opponents planned [cfd] trap.[/p]

Nick and his friends from Greece look to be strong competition for the upcoming European Championships in Milan

[p] Nick has many achievements including a National Championship title in 2009, a Top 16 in the 2009 European Championship and a Top 64 finish for the 2011 European Championship. Nick decided to take a trip to the future and won himself a GIANT [b]Lightray Sorcerer[/b] from the upcoming [i]Galactic Overlord[/i] Booster Set.[/p]

[p]All of these players go home very happy with their new GIANT CARDS![/p]

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