We have not 1, not 2, but 3 ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD Winners!

15.04.2012 | 18:23 |
Today our second GIANT CARD finds a new home with UK player 23 year old Rick Cherry!

When we asked Rick why he decided to play ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD over any of the other Public Events, he explained that he prefers Single-Elimination Public Events where he can join lots of different events, rather than committing to one for the day.

Rick is taking home whats sure to be a very popular Extra Deck monster

Rick won his new GIANT Maestroke The Symphony Djinn using a Dino Rabbit Deck, using a series of powerful plays to overwhelm his opponents. Rick has has had strong showings in recent events, including a Top 16 at his National Championship followed by a Top 8 finish at the European Championship 2011. A lot stood between Rick and his GIANT Maestroke The Symphony Djinn including a field of 3 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World where Rick held out against the onslaught and managed to win the match!

Our next GIANT CARD winner is 19 year old Tony Le from France. He piloted his HERO Deck to victory taking home a fan favorite GIANT Pot of Greed.

Many players have many happy memories of drawing Pot of Greed!

Tony just rejoined the game after a long break with his last accomplishment being a 7th Place finish at his National Championship in 2009.

Our final winner for today and our last GIANT of the weekend goes home with 20 year old Nick Boulbasakos from Greece. He also played a Dino Rabbit Deck maxing out on both Forbidden Lance and Forbidden Chalice across his main and Side Deck, giving him control over the Battle Phase. Nick made some impressive plays during this event including an excellent prediction of his opponents Cyber Dragon allowing him to play around it and not fall into his opponents planned Chimeratech Fortress Dragon trap.

Nick and his friends from Greece look to be strong competition for the upcoming European Championships in Milan

Nick has many achievements including a National Championship title in 2009, a Top 16 in the 2009 European Championship and a Top 64 finish for the 2011 European Championship. Nick decided to take a trip to the future and won himself a GIANT Lightray Sorcerer from the upcoming Galactic Overlord Booster Set.

All of these players go home very happy with their new GIANT CARDS!