We have Public Event Playoff Winners!

Every man has a dream, a dream to be a winner. To be the best. To beat all the rest. Today two men have realised that dream. We have winners at our Public Events Playoff!

Well done to Marcel Burri on winning the Public Events Playoff and Arena Salvatore on winning the Random Public Event Playoff! They won to get all the way here and they now stand proud with a shiny new [106]!

Marcel Burri loves his new Giant Hand

Arena Salvatore is thrilled!

I caught up with them to see how they felt about their win!
[b]How does it feel to win?[/b][br]
[quote][b]Marcel[/b]:[br][i]”Yeah on the one side it’s great, you want to play to win to get the prize card! On the other side I had defeat someone I beat in a previous event who said he really wanted to be in this top playoff!”[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]Arena[/b]:[br][i]”I feel very good about my win, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders”[/i][/quote][br]
[b]What Deck have you been playing?[/b][br]
[quote][b]Marcel[/b]: [br][i]”Dragon Rulers, just like everyone else!”[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]Arena[/b]: [br][i]”Dragon Rulers, [trigon], without the Mythical Dragons.”[/i][/quote][br]
[b]What tech are you running in your Deck?[/b][br]
[quote][b]Marcel[/b]:[br][i]”Nothing too special, I just play standard Dragon Rulers without the Mythic Dragons”[/i][/quote][br]
[quote][b]Arena[/b]:[br][i]”[cs]! And [wingbeat]”[/i][/quote][br]
[b]What play gave you the win?[/b]
[quote][b]Marcel[/b]: [br][i]”My opponent had to use up all resources to get [scrap dragon] to clear my field, it was his only card at that moment and I know I only had to draw any Dragon Ruler to win the game and I got the [tidal], so I could go with [redox] and [blaster] into [colossal fighter] to double kill the [scrap dragon] and then Summoned the [tidal] for game!”[/i][/quote]
[quote][b]Arena[/b]: [br][i]“My opponent used [vane], which I destroyed and then used [brd] to clear the field ready for my dragons!”[/i][/quote]
Congratulations to both Marcel and Arena, enjoy your new [106]!

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