Welcome back to Day 2 of YCS Ghent 2019

22.09.2019 | 7:52 |
Welcome back to Day 2 of YCS Ghent. We’re here with the Top 437 Duelists of Day 1. After 8 Rounds of Swiss every Duelists with 15 points or higher is eligible to play on today for 3 more Rounds of Swiss. After that the Top 32 Duelists will continue with the Knock-Out portion of the event. A single mistake might result in elimination from the tournament, so there is a lot on the line and the tension among players is rising.




The fun doesn’t end when you are dropping out if the Main Event. There are tons of Public Events you can attend on Sunday! We will the hosting the On-Demand Events all day long. All you need to do is register and wait until there are 8 Duelists to play out a Knock-Out event. Or you can bring seven of your friends to play you own private Duel. Then there are Attack of the Giant Card and Speed Duel as well! The winners of each event will receive Prize Points which you can trade in for cool prizes at our amazing prize wall. You can even save up points to claim a former YCS Prize Card!




Stay tuned at the Live Stream for all the action at YCS Ghent and find out who will be the first YCS Champion of the new season and how will be the first Duelist to ever receive the YCS Prize Card: Duel Link Dragon, the Duel Dragon.