Welcome back to YCS London 2018

28.10.2018 | 8:41 |

Day 1 of YCS London 2018 is in the books! After 8 Rounds of Swiss and 10 hours of intense Dueling we cut the field down for Day 2. Every Duelist with 15 points or higher is permitted to proceed to Day 2 and play 3 more of Swiss before we cut down to Top 32. The tension is rising, and everyone is looking forward to crowning a new YCS champion!



Good morning Duelists and welcome to Day 2 of YCS London 2018. Outside there is the typically Londoner weather: It’s raining, and we got soaking wet on our way from the hotel to the venue. So, we need some time to get dry and get back in shape again.

Day 2 will proceed as usual: Duelists with 15 points or higher return for Day 2 to play 3 more Rounds of Swiss. According to our stats tool, that is 358 Duelists that are back for Day 2 and most of them still have a shot for Top 32. After that we will have 5 more Knock-Out Rounds until we will crown our new YCS London champion.


Jesse Kotton Winner


Jesse Kotton tried his luck once again. He flew all the way from Canada and his good performance at YCS Niagara to try and defend his title. To my knowledge only Billy Brake had back to back victories. We had him on stream for Round 1 and he is running a Danger! Dark World Deck, that seemed to be the sleeper pick for this event. The Deck flew under the radar, because we don’t have Summon Sorceress in Europe and Duelists regarded the card as hard to replace. Is the Deck still strong enough to make up for the loss? We will find out after this event.




In case you dropped out of the Main Event there are still a lot of cool Public Events to attend. There are our new On-Demand Public Events, where you can win points to trade in for prizes at our new prize wall. Other than that, there is the usual Attack of the Giant Card, the Mega-Regional and a Mega LLDS! As always, we will be bringing you the latest updates and live coverage throughout the day, be sure to follow the links below and join us as we find the new YCS Champion!