Welcome to 2018 WCQ: European Championship in Berlin

06.07.2018 | 14:28 |
Hello and welcome to the 2018 WCQ: European Championship in Berlin, Germany. Even though the Main Event doesn’t start until tomorrow, there is already a whole lot of action going on here in the Estrel Convention Hall. Venue Entrance


Friday is usually a very chill day to setup and prepare for the Main Event, unless you haven't earned your invite yet. The whole day long we are offering Duelists to chance to earn their invite to the Main Event at our Last Chance Qualifiers. It's a quarter past three and we've already started 50 Last Chance Qualifiers so far! Seems like there a lot of Duelists who want to take their chances! For all other Duelists Friday is the day to acclimatise, meet people and get ready for the big showdown.




I already spoke to some Duelists and it seems like the NAWCQ that took place last weekend had a huge impact on the metagame here in Berlin. We are already very curious to find out who Decks will shape up over the weekend.


Zexal Carnival


The Zexal carnival is also present here this weekend. It's a great way to spend your time with your friends and teammates. The highlight of the weekend is the Token Booth! It's exclusive to the WCQs and you can get a unique Token printed that only you and your friends own. Me personally, I think that is such a great idea and a great thing to keep this event in my mind as what it is: a fantastic experience.


Token Booth


The Stream will be going live tomorrow mourning and we will be showing you Feature Matches and Interviews all day long. For this event we are trying out a lot of new stuff for you guys at home. Look forward to a new stream set-up, new commentary and analyses from our experts! Stay tuned!