2019 WCQ: Dutch Nationals – Welcome!

Attention Duelists!


We welcome you from Klokgebrouw, Eindhoven to celebrate this year’s WCQ: Dutch Nationals! We have a lot to offer at these exciting two-day event. Let’s have look at it!




One year ago, Leonard Koenig took the title to Germany and I am convinced that the Dutch player community will do their best to keep the title in their country this year. Tomorrow we will know whether they reached this goal or the title goes again to another country – we expect players from at least The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

As you can see, we are into a busy registration right at this moment. It is the final moment before we know how many players are attending.


Even if you are not attending the main event, we do have lots of

Within the day, we will provide you with strategic articles, player interviews and much more! So make sure to check back later for more information.

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