Welcome to Day 1 of YCS London!

London. Being born and raised here it’s only appropriate that I welcome you to my home city – and the venue for this weekend’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event!

Contrary to popular opinion, we do not have a cup of tea with us at all points of the day. Unfortunately, it is true that we only get 2 days of sunshine every year. On a more serious note, this is the first time that England’s capital city has hosted a European-scale Yu-Gi-Oh! event and the first time there has been one in the country since the sealed YCS in Sheffield in September last year.

This is a pretty special YCS as not only is there three days of Dueling action to enjoy but we are running alongside MCM Comic Con, a weekend-long extravaganza where fans of comics, mangas, animé, film, TV and a whole host of other hobbies come to hang out, see what’s new, meet some of the people from their favourite shows and generally have an awesome time.

Comic Con is taking up half of the exhibition centre while the YCS is on the other half – although everyone that enters the YCS also gets free admission to Comic Con for the weekend – meaning there’s way more value to this YCS than just eternal Dueling glory!

For now, onlookers and readers, sit back and enjoy. We are going to jump on a red double decker bus and head past the sleeping policeman to a weekend full of surprises, intense matches and ultimately, a winner.

Welcome to the YCS. Welcome to London!

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