Welcome to Day 1 of YCS Sydney 2017!

We’re back at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia for the first [ycs] event of the year, and it’s already shaping up to be a great event! As the only major event outside of Nationals in the country, the YCS attracts Duelists from all over Australia, and some even travel from overseas to play! There will be a lot of tough competition here, which makes the title of YCS Champion event more prestigious!


What makes this [ycs] even more exciting is that it’s the 175th YCS overall! It’s a monumental moment in Dueling history that all who attend will be glad they were a part of. To commemorate this milestone, we’ve got an amazing Game Mat featuring Yugi’s [dark magician], which will be given away to all Duelists who enter the main event!


Of course, a YCS isn’t complete with just the main event. There’s tons of things to do across the whole weekend! As always, Win-A-Mat tournaments will be running across the whole weekend for any Duelist eager to pick up some exclusive mats. We have two amazing giant cards to give away in the “ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!” tournaments, which we’ll show off later today. In addition, the YCS Token booth is here in Sydney for the first time, which allows you to get a custom token made featuring you and your firends!


On top of all of these exciting attractions, the event will also have video coverage! You can find our stream by clicking on the twitch button on the banner, or by clicking here. There will be tons of exciting Duels and other content on the stream, so check it out!


While the previous events here in Sydney have been fantastic, YCS Sydney 2017 looks like it’s going to be the best of the bunch! With great side events and the allure of becoming the champion of this milestone event, [ycs] Sydney will impress, excite and amaze Duelists from all over.


Duelists of Oceania, [b][i]it’s time to Duel![/b][/i]

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