Welcome to Day 1 of YCS Sydney!

We’re here in Sydney, ready for Day 1 of the third annual YCS Sydney event! The [ycs] is one of the biggest Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME events in the Oceanic region, and Duelists come from far and wide to prove that they are worthy of being crowned the YCS Champion.

This YCS is significant thanks to the recent release of [bosh], as it’ll be the first YCS event in which this set is legal for use. Thanks to this, Decks like Mermail, Kozmo, Performapal and Deskbot will get a huge boost in power, while cards like Cyber Dragon Infinity, Traptrix Rafflesia and Solemn Strike are bound to make a massive impact on their own. It’ll be fun to see how this event plays out, and which strategies come out on top! Speaking of Cyber Dragon Infinity, here’s a look at the fantastic Game Mat you’ll get just for signing up to the event!


There’s more to do at the YCS than just the main event, though. There’s a lot of Public Events taking place as well, ranging from Win-a-Mat tournaments to the ever-popular ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!

Just like the years before it, this will be a fantastic tournament to add to the annals of Dueling history, and this is the best place to read about all the action of the event.

Duelists of Oceania, [b][i]it’s time to Duel![/b][/i]

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