Welcome to Day 2!

1466 Duelists, but only 1 can win the title!

Good morning and welcome back for what’s bound to be an action-packed second day of Dueling here at YCS London. Over 1460 players entered to compete in Europe’s biggest ever premier event and after seven rounds, everyone with five wins or more is invited back to continue playing.

Today we will be playing four more rounds of Swiss before we cut to the Top 32 Duelists for the knockout portion of the event. Duelists will cheer, crowds will gasp, Judges will…well, judge. What’s for certain is that 267 will become one by the end of the day.

The spread of Decks is already becoming clear, with Dragon Rulers just edging it over the number of Evilswarm players around. Mermails are putting in an unexpected strong showing, while Dragunity Rulers aren’t to be discounted.

We’ll aim to bring you as much content as possible today so that you can check out everything that’s happening here at YCS London – stay tuned to see who comes out on top!

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