Welcome to Day 2 of 2018 WCQ: European Championship

08.07.2018 | 9:00 |
Good morning and welcome back to Day 2 of the WCQ: European Championship 2018. We are still in Berlin and Duelists are getting ready to start Round 9. Yesterday more than 1.600 Duelists entered the Main Event making this the largest European Championship ever. Today, Duelists with 15 points or more were allowed to proceed to Round 9. cof


Roughly 440 Duelists had 15 points or more. These were allowed to continue playing in Day 2 of the WCQ in Berlin. They will keep on playing 3 more Rounds of Swiss until we cut to Top 64. The field of Duelists will naturally trim down in the course of Swiss as the chances of topping the event are decreasing. In Top Cut we are going to play 6 more Knock-Out Rounds. Henceforth, a loss results in elimination from the tournament. Every little mistake might be crucial.




Who will be able to claim the title from the reigning European Champion Marcello Barberi? Yesterday the event felt very calm and relaxed. I guess that tenstion will be a lot higher today, especially among these players who are on the bubble. At the end of the day Europe will crown a new champion and Team Europe will be announced.


Deck Breakdown Day 1


Deck-wise the field was led by the Sky Strikers in all kinds of iterations. There were Pure versions, versions with Trickstars and even versions with Mekk-Knights. The other popular Decks this weekend were Gouki, True Dracon and even Burning Abyss showed up again.