Welcome to Day 2 of WCQ: European Championship 2019

30.06.2019 | 9:23 |

Welcome back to the final day of WCQ: European Championship 2019 in Utrecht. After two days filled with intense and exciting duels we are slowly reaching the climax of the WCQ. Today we will continue with 3 more Rounds of Swiss and cut to Top 64. After 6 more knock-out Rounds we will have a new European Champion and Team Europe will be complete.

WCQ Playoff Top 8[abstand]

We started on Friday with the World Championship Points Play-Off, where Jonas Koschel, Joshua Schmidt and Raphael Neven all punched their ticket to Worlds. Today, we will determine the other 4 Duelists that will be invited to the World Championship. Yes, it’s going to be 4 more spots for Europe making Team Europe 7 Duelists strong! What more reasons do you need to stay tuned to our coverage from Utrecht?
WCQ Utrecht 2019[abstand]
Probably tons of Public Events to attend? We will host on-demand events all day long. Other than that, there will we the always popular Attack of the Giant Card and the Mega Regional. Both earn you enough points to pick up a huge prize at our amazing prize wall!
The team event, a hugely popular Public Event, will take place later in the day. It’s a 3 versus 3 event and Duelists love the format. A fairly new addition to our Public Event schedule is the Traditional Challenge, where we are highlighting the “old” format.
Dragon Duel Top 8 small[abstand]
This morning the Dragon Duel Top 8 matches will start as well. There were almost 30 Dragon Duelists entering the event and only the best 8 Duelists will return to fight for the title and an invite to Worlds.