Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Bochum

Good morning and welcome back to Day 2 of YCS Bochum! Yesterday was a long day. We set a new attendance record for a European YCS. More then 1.600 Duelists entered the Main Event trying to win the last big title of 2016. After 8 rounds of Swiss, the best 256 Duelists returned today to play 3 more rounds of Swiss to compete for one of the Top 32 spots.

Day 2 Start[abstand]
After such a long Day 1 Duelists are tired and exhausted. The biggest challenge for Day 2 is to stay focused and keep your motivation. There are 3 more rounds of Swiss until we cut to Top 32. 4 Duelists are still undefeated going into Round 9. They have pretty much secured themselves a seat in the top cut. All the players with an x:2 record must not lose anymore if they want to proceed. Can they handle the pressure?

[abstand]Public Events[abstand]

As the player numbers in the Main Event are declining, Public Events are getting more attention. Yesterday we already had a Giant Card winner. Today there will the usual Win-A-Mat events throughout the whole day. Giant Cards will be given out as well. Usually these are the most popular Public Events as everybody wants to win one of these cool price cards.

We will keep you informed about all the action via Live Stream on our Twitch and YouTube channel as well as on the coverage blog. Good luck and lots of fun to all Duelists, let the games begin!

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